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The Complete Guide to Humidifier Filters

During the winter season, having dry air has been shown to cause a wide range of problems from your peeling wallpapers and cracked paint to getting nosebleeds and dry skin. Purchasing humidifiers is basically one of the best solutions to keeping humidity levels to a minimum and getting rid of household and health problems caused by it. Most humidifiers work by adding some water into the air so that humidity will be increased to levels that are the most comfortable. The humidity levels must be maintained at a level from 30 to 50 percent so you can reach the most health and comfort in using them. Going beyond this range will just invite more bacteria to grow in your surroundings and going below this range will just dry out your mucous membranes.

If you must purchase your very own humidifier, you will be choosing between two variants of it that is the warm mist and then the cool mist. As the name implies, the warm mist humidifier makes use of heated water and send it into the air. On the other hand, with cool mist humidifiers that are also known as evaporative humidifiers, water will be blown into a wick filter that will then proceed into the air. These humidifier filers are made to ensure that bacteria and other impurities found in the water are removed.

If you must use humidifier filers, you must make sure to take note of some factors. There will surely be issues that will come your way when in the instructions that are provided to you by the manufacturer about your humidifier filters, you will not follow them. There are a few guidelines that most humidifier filters make sure to follow. Generally, your humidifier filters must be changed or cleaned regularly depending on what kind you are getting. You can check with your manufacturer instructions regarding the duration of time you must change your filters but mostly, you will change them between four and six weeks. You will be risking your humidifier filters from getting harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites if you will just take this for granted. Bear in mind that you will be suffering far worse once you ingest growths that are harmful than having to suffer from the ill effects of having low humidity levels around you.

There are actually models of cool mist humidifiers that you can buy without having to change the humidifier filters that they come with. You still need to clean the filters though after every season or depending on the humidifier model you are getting. If you must buy replacement humidifier filters, make sure to avoid the generic brands. You will just be sacrificing the quality of the humidifier filters that you are getting if you go for cheap variants.

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