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About Bail Bonds.

In an instance where you find yourself in a situation where you are being accused of a crime spending some time in jail can be a nightmare. A person is innocent until proven guilty and that means if you can have bail posted you can avoid spending some time in jail until you see the judge. When you are set free to appear to court at a later date the judge will need you to deliver some guarantee that you will be present on the day of trial. The agreement is the bail bond and can be in form of cash, property bond, secured bond or signature bond. When the accused fails to show up in court on the day of trial the bond will be confiscated and the court will issue an arrest warrant against the accused.

To issue the bond, several things are taken into consideration and sometimes if those factors work against the accused, they may be denied bond. The judge will first look at the criminal history of the accused, if the accused has been convicted before, they might have their bale set higher or even denied the bail. The intensity of the crime also will affect the bail amount with some crimes bail could be denied to prevent the accused from fleeing. When the judge develops an assumption that the criminal might skip trial they will set the bail a little higher.

When granted the bail and for some reason you cannot cover you could use the services of a bail agent or a bail company who will pledge the bail on your behalf. Bail company or the agent will need to see collateral before they can settle your bail for you to walk free. With some banks and insurance companies, your bail could be guaranteed but not always because the risk involved here is great. Bonds men are ideal as they are out there to specifically serve defendants and you can be sure that they will secure your release within a matter of hours after you hire them.

When looking for bail agent the first thing you need to make sure they possess is a license to handle a case such as yours. Another fact of bail companies and bail agents is that they will need to know your Personal Information such as if you have valuable assets to assess if you are a flight risk. Your family or friends will be looking for a bail agent being that you will be in jail. You will be notified of your bail payment and then set free short after it has been paid.

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