Switching to Natural Skincare Products Helped My Skin

My dermatologist told me to start using a daily moisturizer. Diabetes and winter was wreaking havoc on my skin. My feet would actually crack open in spots. This is especially risky for someone who has had diabetes for a long time. However, some of the moisturizers I would try would irritate my skin even more. I tried fragrance-free products, and that helped a little. It was not until I switched to natural skincare products that my skin started to look and feel a whole lot better.

My hands would take a beating in the winter. I could not keep enough moisturizer on them. I had to wash my hands a lot at work, and my fingertips would crack, bleed and get minor infections. It was a constant battle. I found a natural skincare moisturizer that worked really well on my hands. I like stuff that has no odor and does not feel greasy. I also like it to last a long time. The better stuff does not completely wash off with every hand washing. I would go through a lot of lotion product in the winter. In the summer, I hardly needed it at all.

I do a lot better when the moisturizers and other products I use on my skin on a daily basis are natural skincare products. I also choose stuff not made in a communist country across the ocean. I buy from a company that is in Canada who sources all of their products from Canadian businesses that specialize in products that are made with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. The companies also have ethics and are trying to do their part to preserve our natural resources. Not only is my skin happier, I am happier about the products I am using on it. I get results and satisfy my personal morals too.