The Savior of Our Marriage

My marriage was on the verge of ending. My wife and I hadn’t been intimate in a while, and it started to create a rift between us. We would start arguments about small things my wife started to think that I cheating on her. It all came to a head one day when we had a big argument and my wife told me that she felt that I didn’t love her anymore because of our lack of intimacy. I told her that I wasn’t intimate with her because I was having male problems. She told me to buy Cialis because my problem could be fixed easily.

It didn’t seem likely that all of our marriage problems could be solved with the help of a pill, but it was a cheaper option than paying for couples therapy, or going through a lengthy divorce. My wife would have probably ended up with everything and I would have been screwed. Given how much my wife and I were arguing, I didn’t think we would even get into the mood to do anything intimate, regardless of how many pills I took. Still, I was willing to give them a chance, so I ordered some from an online source.

After taking the pill, my mood changed a little. My wife and I still were still at odds, and we went to bed like we normally do. I couldn’t sleep that night, so I rolled over in the bed repeatedly. Eventually I rolled into my wife and ended up wrapping my arm around her. I went into a cuddle motion and my wife responded. She turned around and we started getting intimate right out of the blue. It was unexpected but amazing. We went the entire night and I didn’t have any problems with my male abilities.